Prayer Blanket Stories

A Prayer Blanket Story from a Mother
by Jaimee

We’ve been using our prayer blanket frequently. The booklet that came with it gave me great direction in how to start praying with and for Zoë. I know she can feel the special-ness in the blanket. She’ll hug it tightly to herself and when I ask her if she wants to talk to God she usually answers yes. 

I like to say the prayers that ask God and His angels to surround her, to shine His light on and through her and watch her relax in my arms. 

One day Zoë and I were rushing through the house, both of us walking while holding hands. She accidentally ran face first into our sturdy small rocking chair. There was a huge red mark on her forehead, but the chair is where I keep her prayer blanket. As she started sobbing, I wrapped her in the blanket and prayed that God would lift her pain and protect her. She almost instantly quieted down. When I looked at her again, she had no mark. She hates to be covered in blankets at night but has learned how to wrap herself in this blanket and looks so joyful.

 A Prayer Blanket Ministry
Good Neighbor House
 Dayton, Ohio  

Good Neighbor House is an outreach ministry of The Seventh Day Adventist Church and Kettering Medical Center located in downtown Dayton, Ohio, next to The Other Place, a day shelter for the homeless. 

Good Neighbor House serves the community of those with limited resources and critical needs, by providing food, clothing, household goods, furniture, medical, dental and optical services.

A relatively new program at GNH is "The Baby Place, Great Beginnings Program."  

Prayer blankets are given near the birth of each baby. Volunteers gather in a circle prayer with the mom-to-be, draping the blanket around her shoulders. After the prayer, the Baby Prayer Blanket Booklet is explained and given to the teen.  This is a very moving time for all involved, and hugs abound! 

Good Neighbor Place is a ministry of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.  At the same time, all people who are involved are transformed and renewed in faith.

”The Baby Place” provides education and needed supplies for pregnant teens with limited resources. Staffed by nurses, lay people and student volunteers from local colleges, it provides physical and spiritual care and equipment to young moms-to-be.

The Prayer Blanket Ministry was brought to the “The Baby Place” by Betsy Daniels, seminary student, this past fall. With an interest in Health Care Ministries, Betsy works closely with Chris VanDenburgh, nurse and Director of Health Care Ministries at Kettering Medical Center, as well as volunteer nurses, to provide prayer and support to expectant teens.

Blankets have been coming to “The Baby Place” from many sources.  One organization is the Linus group, a volunteer organization of women who make blankets for those in need.  Another source is from an anonymous donor, who for months was sending beautiful crocheted blankets to the center.  She recently found out that the blankets were being used in a Prayer Blanket Ministry, and she was brought to tears!

A final donor is a woman in California, who, with her mother, have sent two shipments of blankets, along with a money donation. Chris VanDenburgh has been overwhelmed with the generosity of donors.